Addendum to Modern Health Terms of Use
Region-Specific Terms

The following terms may apply to you based on the location of your use of the Services.


Application of Consumer Law. The Service is intended for businesses, corporations and organizations, for your benefit as one of their employees or their employee’s dependents, for professional purposes only, and not for consumer purposes. Consequently, you represent and warrant that you will use the Service only for purposes related to your employment. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in these Terms of Use and to the maximum extent permitted by law, you hereby acknowledge and agree that consumer laws do not apply. If, however, any consumer laws do apply and cannot otherwise be lawfully excluded, nothing in these Terms of Use will restrict, exclude or modify any statutory warranties, guarantees, rights or remedies you have, and Company’s liability is limited (at Company’s option) to the replacement, repair or resupply of the Service or the pro-rata refund to the Customer (as defined below) of prepaid fees for your subscription, if applicable, covering the remainder of the term.