Elevate 2021

Building the future of mental health in the workplace

September 14, 15, 2021 — Virtual Event

We're bringing together experts from every corner of the mental health world to destigmatize mental health and define the future of the mental healthcare industry. 

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Arianna Huffington
Venus Williams
Dhani Jones

about elevate 2021

Join us in the mission to destigmatize mental health and break down barriers of access to care


We're bringing together experts from every corner of the mental health world to destigmatize mental health and define the future of the mental healthcare industry.

Join us for two action-packed days featuring keynote presentations with well-renowned speakers, practical stress-relieving workshops, panel discussions with leading experts, interactive Q&As, and exclusive industry research.

We will be shining the spotlight on the changing benefits landscape, the future of the workplace, culturally centered mental health care, and cutting-edge future care options.

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Meet our Speakers

Jared Leto

Academy Award-Winning
Actor & Musician

Mamoon Hamid

Kleiner Perkins

Katrina Lake

Founder & CEO
Stitch Fix

Alyson Watson

Founder & CEO
Modern Health

Dr. Taisha Caldwell-Harvey

Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Founder
The Black Girl Doctor

Darren Murph

Head of Remote

Dr. Jessica Jackson

Global DEIB Care Lead
Modern Health

Lars Schmidt

Founder & Community Catalyst
Redefining HR Accelerator

Dr. Myra Altman

VP of Clinical Care
Modern Health

Dr. Cynthia Castro Sweet

Sr. Director of Clinical Research
Modern Health

Tammy Sun

Co-Founder & CEO
Carrot Fertility

Arielle Trzcinski

Principal Analyst

Michael Pollan

Best Selling Author &Sustainable Food Advocate

Dhani Jones

Entrepreneur, Philanthropist,NFL Linebacker, Author and Host
More speakers and agenda announcements coming soon!


2021 Theme:
Building the Future of Mental Health Care

Day 1

Welcome & Opening Keynote.

Join Venus Williams, Legendary Tennis Champion, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, in a fireside chat as she shares insights on her mental health journey, discussing why well-being is pivotal to success and sharing her opinions and learnings on building a culture of excellence whilst balancing the physical and mental pressures of being a world-class athlete. We will close with a 5-minute intention setting exercise to prepare us for the day ahead led by Dr. Myra Altman, VP of Clinical Care at Modern Health.

Day 1

Guided Meditation

Set your intention for the day and join an esteemed Modern Health therapist who will lead you through a short guided meditation.

The Reset

Listen live to the latest episode of The Reset, a weekly audio series hosted by Modern Health. The Reset helps you dedicate just a few minutes each week to recharge, declutter your mind, and be present here and now.

Circles Session: Stress & Burnout

Participate in a therapist-led group session and discover how to acknowledge stress, identify burnout, and learn strategies for preventing and addressing burnout. Circles utilize new modalities of care to manage stress and anxiety at the corporate level.

Day 1

The Shift Toward Destigmatizing Mental Health

Join this panel with Jared Leto, Academy award-winner and musician, and Mamoon Hamid, Partner at Kleiner Perkins, moderated by Alyson Watson, Founder and CEO of Modern Health. This session will focus around technology, creativity, and mental health.

Day 1

The Inconvenient Truth: Our Mental Health System is Broken

Industry experts discuss why our mental health system is broken, how this has been exasperated by the global pandemic and racial injustices, and why the need for sustainable mental health solutions has never been greater. We will be taking and addressing live questions from the audience.

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Day 2

Welcome & Keynote

Join Arianna Huffington, Founder & CEO of Thrive Global, as she shares insights on how to thrive in the post-pandemic workplace. A special guest will guide us through a 5 minute meditation to settle our thoughts and focus us for the day ahead.

Day 2

DEIB is Everybody's Job: How to Incorporate DEIB Into All Aspects of Your Company’s Strategy

2020 catalyzed employers across the globe to commit to greater action around both DEIB and mental health. But are these well-intentioned efforts yielding meaningful cultural change and impact? In this session, Dr. Jessica Jackson, Clinical Care Lead at Modern Health shares why culturally-centered mental health care must be part of all organizations’ DEIB strategy, and how to ensure that DEIB commitments are equitably distributed throughout your organization — to promote well-being, belonging, creativity, and retention.

Day 2

How To Take Care of Yourself So You Can Take Care of Your Teams

Burnout can uniquely set in over time for HR and Benefits Leaders, as you absorb the experiences, stressors, and challenges of supporting your employees day-to-day. Learn evidence-based self-care strategies to identify and tackle this compassion fatigue, allowing you to take care of yourself so you can take care of others.

Day 2

Lessons from Bumble and Stitch Fix Founders on Prioritizing Mental Health

Well-known business leaders Whitney Wolfe Herd and Katrina Lake will sit down with Alyson Watson to discuss mental health challenges they’ve encountered while scaling their businesses from concept to IPO and beyond. The Bumble and Stitch Fix founders will dive into key topics including paving the way for female leaders across the world, building a company culture that prioritizes mental health, and executive responsibility to model work-life balance.

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Frequently Asked Question

General Questions

When is Elevate 2021?

Tuesday, September 14 - Wednesday, September 15, 2021

What is Elevate?

Elevate is Modern Health’s inaugural mental health industry event. We're bringing together experts from every corner of the mental health world to destigmatize mental health and define the future of the mental healthcare industry. These two action-packed days will feature:

  • Keynote presentations with well-renowned speakers
  • Practical stress-relieving workshops
  • Panel discussions with leading experts
  • Interactive Q&As
  • Exclusive industry research

Who should attend Elevate?

HR leaders, healthcare brokerage consultants, and mental healthcare providers should join this event. The content at Elevate is valuable regardless of the mental health solution you may be using.

Is there a limit to how many people can attend?

No, the more the merrier! We would love to see as many people at Elevate as possible.

What is the social hashtag?


Who can someone reach out to if they have additional questions?

Please email Michaela Rosmarin at michaela@modernhealth.com


How do you register for Elevate?

You can register for Elevate using this link.

How much does the event cost to attend?

Free! Yes, the event is 100% free to all attendees.

Are there different types of passes?

All registrations will grant the same access regardless of “Attendee Type”. During registration there is an “Attendee Type” question that asks registrants to identify as one of the following: 

  • Modern Health Customer
  • HR or Benefits Professional
  • Consultant / Broker
  • Provider
  • Press / Media

Sessions & Speakers

When will speakers be announced?

We're planning on announcing speakers on a rolling basis starting in late June.

When will the full agenda be announced?

We're targeting mid-July to launch the full agenda.

Someone is interested in speaking. Who can I connect them with?

Feel free to send an email to Abbi Nguyen (abbi@modernhealth.com), Susie Bindman (susie.bindman@modernhealth.com), and Michaela Rosmarin (michaela@modernhealth.com). This will allow all of us to evaluate if we can squeeze them into the Elevate agenda, do something with them throughout the year, or consider them for Elevate 2022.

Elevate 2022

When is Elevate 2022?

This is yet to be determined. Stay tuned!

Will Elevate 2022 be virtual?

This is yet to be determined. Stay tuned!

Elevate 2021

Building the future of mental health care

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