May 2, 2022

Stretch Day

Invigorate your workforce with company-wide actions designed to reset, refresh, and reinforce employees’ minds and spirits.

Take the pledge

Research shows that organizations are better poised for long-term success when they invest meaningfully in their people’s mental well-being.

Modern Health invites all employers to do just that, starting with a pledge to observe Mental Stretch Day on the first Monday of Mental Health Awareness Month.

On May 2, 2022, join the world’s leading brands taking a stand for employee mental health.

What is Mental Stretch Day?

To help overcome the stigma, companies are looking for ways to demonstrate their commitment to employee well-being.

Mental Stretch Day helps you break the silence with action to show that the mental and emotional health of your workforce matters.

How does Mental Stretch Day work?

When you pledge to observe Mental Stretch Day, we’ll support you with a range of flexible tactics and customized assets to encourage participation. Go big, small, or in-between with the level of activity that’s right for your organization.

Announce your intention

Pledge now and share your participation in Mental Stretch Day. You’ll inspire others to do the same and help build healthier people and workplaces by spreading the word.

Choose your activation 

Get inspired with ideas to support employee mental health. Provide everyone a day to focus with Meetless Monday. Offer an Employee Day On to volunteer for a cause they care about. 

Mark your calendar

Kick off Mental Health Awareness Month by inviting everyone in your company to give their mental and emotional muscles a good, invigorating stretch.

Raise your hands for employee mental health.

Take the pledge