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Hear from Founder and CEO Alyson Watson on how Modern Health is changing the definition of mental health for people everywhere.

Our mission and vision

At Modern Health, we envision a world where mental health becomes a priority and strength for all.

Our mission is to improve the lives of people and their communities by offering an inclusive mental health solution that drives the best outcomes, is the most cost-effective, and is the most engaging. We plan to do that by:
Making care simple and easy to access.

Everyone has mental health and should have access to care they’re comfortable with. We believe in taking on the burden of finding the right type of care for each person so they get help as soon as they need it.

Fostering equity around the world.

No employer should have to sacrifice quality of care for international reach. We believe in building a network of top-quality providers all around the world, producing a standardized care experience for all employees no matter where they’re based.

Empowering our customers as change agents.

Workplace culture has never been more important. We believe in equipping employers with the tools to change the conversation around mental health at work—to help employees be healthier, more resilient, and more deeply engaged.

Ensure everyone feels like they belong.

Inclusivity and belonging are core tenets of psychological safety. We believe that everyone should have equitable access to care that is culturally aligned to their unique identity and allows them to feel safe, heard, and supported.

Employer testimonial

“After switching to Modern Health, we learned many team members felt excluded in the previous therapy-only offering. For some, therapy carries a heavy stigma– coaching and self-guided resources were an instant draw."

Tanner Brunsdale
Sr. Manager of Benefits & Mobility at Lyft

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Join our community

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