We are on a mission to provide people the mental and emotional support needed to see, believe in, and unlock their authentic self. In a world full of constant social interactions, ever increasing expectations, and inundating technologies, we believe taking time to actively care for your mind, spirit, and happiness is paramount to your fulfillment.

Our unique solution to a prevalent problem

Modern Health is the first mental health solution that guides people to the right level of care based upon their specific needs at a given time.

Our founding story

Modern Health was founded in 2017 by Alyson Friedensohn who sought to empower employers to lead the charge in acknowledging that mental health is just as important as physical health.

Modern Health provides a comprehensive and evidence-based mental well-being platform that combines the WHO well-being assessment with self-service digital resources and an international network of certified coaches & licensed therapists.

Our values

People First

•   Obsess over our members
•   Raise the bar
•   Put the team first

Bias Toward Action

•   Serve our members
•   Initiate the solutions
•   Progress over perfection

Embrace the Journey

•   Follow the yes-and approach
•   Gratitude for the opportunity
•   Celebrate shared successes

Meet our leadership team

Alyson Friedensohn

Founder & CEO

Myra Altman

VP of Clinical Care

Jinen Kamdar

Chief Product Officer

Jackie Lamping

Chief Marketing Officer

Jonathan Lloyd

VP of Engineering

Barrett Dwyer

VP of Finance

Hannah Willson

VP of Sales

Matthew Burton

General Counsel

Ashley Killick

Head of People

Tim Savage

VP of Operations

Our investors

John Doerr

Investor & Venture Capitalist, Kleiner Perkins

Getting mental health support has too often been stigmatized, especially in the corporate world. Modern Health has a unique approach that effectively de-stigmatizes care by making it available to everyone. Now, companies can provide all employees, regardless of their spectrum of need, a solution that works for them, whether they need clinical support or prefer self-guided programs that promote their mental wellbeing.”

Learn more about what makes Modern Health unique

Members are guided to the right level of care for their specific needs