Member experience

The care your employees need, when they need it.

Modern Health’s Care Connect provides proactive outreach and specialized coordination for those requiring higher levels of care.

Crisis support

Access a 24/7 hotline to immediately connect with masters-level clinicians and receive instant support for individual and organizational crises, including on-site critical incidents.

Proactive detection

Members with high-acuity needs are identified proactively through onboarding and routine assessments, enabling Care Coordinators to connect with them more effectively.

Specialized care coordination

Receive high-touch services to support members requiring placement in inpatient and outpatient facilities.

Extended services

Modern Health serves as a full EAP replacement by providing supervisory services, mandatory referrals, work-life services, and legal & financial assistance.

Why diverse care options matter

Offering a mental health benefit with a variety of care options matters to engage and support people across the globe. Over 79% say they are more likely to stay at a company with high-quality mental health resources, and more than half are seeking more than just 1:1 care.

We've raised the bar for personalized care

We guide you to the best combination of care options aligned with your needs and preferences.

Focusing on:
Level of need:
Care options:
Clinical Therapy
Specialized Coaching
Digital Resources
Circles: Community Sessions
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Changing lives

We deliver impact across a member's care journey, from access to recovery and beyond.

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average time to first-available session, globally


average engagement across Modern Health's member population


of members on average improve or maintain their well-being


Net Promoter Score among Modern Health members

Your comprehensive suite of care offerings

We recognize that stigma and care preferences vary—across geographies, ethnicities, genders, and more. Modern Health is the only global mental health solution to ask members how they want to receive care and guide them to approachable care options that meet their nuanced needs.

One-on-one care
Coaching, therapy, and psychiatry

Match with a provider in minutes, and access support through live video sessions and secure messaging.

  • Clinical therapy
    Our global network of clinical therapists support a variety of mental health needs, such as depression, anxiety, and trauma.
  • Psychiatry & medication management
    Our psychiatric practitioners help assess and prescribe medication where appropriate, and support you in tracking progress.
  • Pathways™
    Specialized 1:1 care programs with dedicated Pathways Specialists to accelerate targeted improvement and growth 
  • Mental health coaching
    Our global network of mental health coaches are dedicated to helping you build resilience around stress, burnout and more.
  • Specialty coachingWork one-on-one with coaches who specialize in career development, financial well-being, relationships, and healthy habits.
This is so significantly better than EAP. I had been trying to actually get set up with a therapist for months, and it had been extremely complicated and overwhelming. With this app, it was easy, and I finally was able to meet with someone easily.”
Modern Health
Community care

Foster connection through live community sessions led by therapists and coaches, many of which are free and open to the public.

  • Discussion Circles
    Everyone’s mental health journey is unique, but it often helps to know we’re not alone. Join a safe space to heal, share, and connect with others.
  • Skill-building CirclesWorkshop-style sessions for those who benefit from concrete tools. Leave with tips and skills to put into action.
  • Listen & learn CirclesHear from experts on navigating life’s challenges and learn alongside others in a cameras-off environment.
  • Skill-building CirclesWorkshop-style sessions for those who benefit from concrete tools. Leave with tips and skills to put into action.
  • On-Demand CirclesThe best of live Circles made available on-demand to view at any time, on your own schedule.
I felt like I was seen for the first time when I attended today's healing Circle, knowing that I am not alone in my emotions that have stemmed from past or present experiences.”
Modern Health
Self-guided care
Go at your own pace

Access a robust library of interactive audio and video content — with new resources added every week.

  • Daily Pause
    Fresh, bite-sized exercises designed to  help promote meaningful changes—in just a few minutes per day.
  • ProgramsInteractive exercises and podcasts on topics like developing a stressless nighttime routine and managing depression.
  • CoursesSelf-paced, structured lessons, developed and led by clinical therapists to help members build resilience.
  • Mindfulness exercisesMeditations, breathing exercises, and soundscapes to help manage stress, develop mindfulness, and improve sleep.
“Modern Health has helped me work through some intense emotional times, as well as daily emotions. With simple weekly check-ins, articles, or courses on how to handle daily life, I have noticed improvements to my perspective and emotions.”
Modern Health
Specialized care
Extended care for you and your family

Access additional services for specialized support across all areas of life.

  • Crisis resourcesWe offer crisis resources local to your region, which can include a 24/7 phone line, onsite crisis support, and proactive follow-up from our team.
  • Work-life supervisory servicesAccess additional EAP services to get help with relationship and family matters, financial and legal issues, and supervisory concerns for managers.
  • Continuity of careWhen Modern Health is integrated with your health plan, you can continue care with your therapist beyond your covered sessions.
  • Benefits & care navigationView and make use of your other health and well-being benefits from the Modern Health app or speak with a Care Navigator to understand your care options.
  • Family careModern Health can offer care for the whole family. We support dependents including children, teens, young adults, couples, and more.

Designed for life in motion

Our adaptable services assist you wherever you are on your mental health journey, helping you find health in a world that never stops moving.

Track your progress

Check in on your well-being and track your habit-building streaks over time.

Tell us when your needs change

Adjust your areas of support and care team or add a second provider at any time.

We evolve with you

Your recommended resources within the app adapt when your needs change.

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