Decreased Healthcare Costs. Increased Financial Returns.

Modern Health customers save on health care costs in their first year, and see an increase in cost-savings year over year.


Modern Health is Designed to Help Organizations Save

Modern Health customers see cost savings in year one as a result of our high engagement, and our full spectrum of care. These savings compound over time and can be seen across a wide range of healthcare categories.

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Assumes self-funded healthcare plan with 5K employees with a 22% engagement rate. Outcomes are listed as examples only and can vary for different customers. (SBA, 2022)

Customer Impact

We look at all our benefits programs through a lens of low-cost and high-caring to focus on programs that matter most to people. Given the current state of the economy, many companies are looking at the low-cost aspect more to ensure they are spending benefit dollars wisely. Still, I believe providing strong mental health support and investing in your employees’ mental health does bring a good return on investment.

Modern Health Reduces and Redirects Costs Across Healthcare Categories

Pharmacy Services
Outpatient and Inpatient facility
Behavioral Health/Therapy
Professional Support

Benefits of Partnering with Modern Health:

Care coordination savings with a Modern Health provider
Reduced need for urgent care or emergency room visits
Reduced risk of crises resulting in hospitalizations
Cost redirection away from health plan therapy visits
Fewer excess primary care visits

Modern Health is unique in its global approach to providing culturally concordant mental health care. The continuous expansion of offerings and content makes the program dynamic and easy to return to. There is something for everyone - it really meets people wherever they are in their mental health care journey

Jen Bergman,
Sr. Program Manager,
Benefits & Well-Being
Untreated Mental Health Concerns Drive 60% of Costs

The reality is that individuals with untreated mental health concerns require more care. They may have more outpatient visits, tests, and prescriptions. These costs are often buried within healthcare spending for organizations.

People with untreated mental health concerns have 3.5x higher medical spend
Average Medical Costs Per Member Per Year (PMPY)
Costs Keep Increasing When People Don’t Receive Care

Untreated mental health concerns lead to excessive and avoidable medical spend

Avoidable mental health claim spend

Our Solution

Rising Employer Healthcare Costs are a Preventable Issue


More Value. Better Outcomes.

Employee mental health benefits can contribute to happier and healthier employees while improve your organization's bottom line. Modern Health customers may save $84k in healthcare costs in their first year, and see an increase in cost-savings year over year.


No Hidden Costs. Consistent Results.

With greater price sensitivity comes greater transparency. Modern Health works with customers to navigate financial constraints and tailor mental health support to the needs of their organization.


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