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Modern Health Pathways™ are structured, evidence-based 1:1 care programs. Each Pathway is developed by clinicians, certified coaches, and research scientists and is designed to drive targeted growth in a specific deep-dive area in a matter of weeks.
Evidence-Based Structure
Rooted in proven behavioral techniques, every Pathway program includes a four-module structure that combines one-on-one sessions with a Pathway specialist and self-guided exercises.
Dedicated Specialists
Every enrolled member is matched with a dedicated Pathway Specialist, a Modern Health provider with advanced training in the Pathway topic, who will guide them through the program.
Target Assessments
Each Pathway has its own topic-specific assessment that includes clinically-validated and custom questions rooted in developmental science to measure real impact.
Workplace Well-Being Pathways
Structured professional growth programs for managers
Managing Mindfully 
Resolving Conflicts
Communicating Effectively
Managing Workload
Workplace Well-Being Pathways
Employee-focused programs
Overcoming Burnout
Dealing with Imposter Syndrome
Managing Stress
Balancing Work and Life
Aligning Work and Values
Family Care Pathways
Support for parents and families across life milestones
Becoming a New Parent
Returning Well from Parental Leave
Persevering through Parental Stress
Navigating Single and Blended Parenting
Physical Well-Being Pathways
Holistic support at the intersection of physical
and mental health
Meeting Your Fitness Goals
Getting Better Sleep
Creating Healthy Routines
Supporting Your Well-Being with Self-Care
Relieving Mind-Body Stress

I love how targeted Pathways is. It answers the challenges we’re hearing about in terms of what people are struggling with and offers a direct resource that can help them.

Modern Health Customer

My provider had some suggestions that I have never tried before. I appreciated that she focused on my perception of myself, rather than trying to fix tasks, organization, external things, etc.

Modern Health Member

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