Structured one-on-one support where employees need it most.
Modern Health Pathways™ offer structured 1:1 support where employees need it most. Each Pathway focuses on important life experiences such as Becoming a New Parent, Overcoming Burnout, or Getting Better Sleep. Clinicians, certified coaches, and research scientists design each Pathway to drive targeted growth in a matter of weeks.
Structured Approach
Each Pathway includes four sessions, featuring one-on-one video sessions with a Pathway Specialist paired with self-guided digital exercises and content.
Curated Topics
Pathway Collections are carefully curated based on client feedback, member engagement, and broader macroeconomic trends to address topics that matter most to you and your employees.
Results Oriented
Each Pathway features its own topic specific assessment, incorporating clinically validated questions to measure real impact. This motivates employees to complete all four sessions and enables HR leaders to view aggregated data for all employee progress.
Pathway Collection
Workplace Well-Being
What we’re hearing from our clients:
Teams are having to do more with less and experiencing burnout trying to handle the growing demands
Our solution:
The Workplace Well-Being Pathway collection is tailored for employees and managers and addresses key challenges, including:
  • Overcoming Burnout
  • Tackling Imposter Syndrome
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Managing Mindfully
This collection empowers your team to overcome challenges and fosters their growth as leaders and team members. It also provides managers with the support they need to champion well-being in the workplace and navigate discussions about employee mental health.
Pathway Collection
Physical Well-Being
What we’re hearing from our clients:
Medical claims for poor physical health are increasing
Our solution:
The Physical Well-Being Pathway collection is all about helping your team feel their best in and out of the workplace. It covers important topics like:
  • Getting Better Sleep
  • Relieving Mind-Body Stress
  • Creating Healthy Routines
  • Meeting Your Fitness Goals
When your employees feel good physically, they perform better at work. This collection makes it easy for you to support their well-being and productivity.
Pathway Collection
Family Care
What we’re hearing from our clients:
Parenting ERGs are looking for more support and resources
Our solution:
The Family Care Pathway collection is your go-to resource for supporting your employees as they balance work and family responsibilities. It covers topics like:
  • Becoming a New Parent
  • Feeling at Ease after Parental Leave
  • Dealing with Parenting Stress
  • Managing Single & Co-Parenting
This collection can provide your employees with extra support to help them thrive both at work and at home.
Getting Started with Pathways
A look inside the "Tackling Imposter Syndrome" Pathway
Get Started
Members can access Pathways from their home screen or where they manage their 1:1 care.
Match with Pathway Specialist
After selecting their Pathway topic, they will share their preferences and be matched with a Pathway Specialist.
Review Pathway Goals and Activities
Next, they can view or change their selected Pathway Specialist, and review the goals and activities for each session.
Take Pathway Assessment
Before their first session, they will complete a clinical assessment to establish a baseline for measuring progress.
Hear what our members are saying
I am immensely grateful for having attended the Overcoming Burnout Pathway sessions. The manner in which my Pathway Specialist posed questions enabled me to delve deeply into my 
heart, thoughts, and values, leading me to realize and understand the necessary steps and actions I should take to overcome burnout and aid in my personal growth.
The design of this Pathway is very nice, it has a good structure and goes through useful points. The assessments are interesting and motivating. They are short but specific and I like the provided samples.
Rather than prescribing solutions, My Pathway Specialist adeptly guides me to discover them myself. His recognition and validation of my insights empower me, instilling the belief that I possess the capability and resilience to address my parenting dilemmas.
My Pathway Specialist has been such a huge help on my parenting journey. Her guidance has helped me tackle every problem I've encountered, not just in parenting but in life as well. I can't thank you enough. I'm really looking forward to learning even more.
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