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From toddlers to teens to seasoned parents — we know that your needs, and the type of care that's right for you, will vary. We’ve got you covered with thoughtful, evidence-based support, no matter your age or stage.

Supporting child and teen mental health has never been more important.
The youth mental health crisis doesn’t just impact young people, but families as a whole.


of parents have had their work disrupted by their child’s mental health concerns


of those disrupted parents said the challenges of their job were much harder to handle due to their child’s mental health

The right care for the right age

Kids are not just smaller adults. Appropriate mental health care accounts for the developmental age and unique needs of the person. With Modern Health, there are three ways to start care.

Parent works with Provider

Parents or caregivers work with a provider who specializes in evidence-based interventions, delivered via parents to improve their child’s behavioral and social-emotional outcomes.

Parent & child work with Provider

The provider primarily meets with the child and has parent check-ins to follow up on support for homework and progress.

Child or teen works with Provider

The provider works directly with a child or adolescent to develop tools and strategies to manage mental health symptoms.

Support in key areas

Modern Health ensures support for children across key areas that have been identified by our clinical experts and most requested by Modern Health parents.

Becoming a New Parent

Persevering through Parental Stress

Returning Well from Parental Leave

Navigating Single and Blended Parenting

Parenting Pathways

Family Care Pathways are specialized one-on-one care programs for parents and caregivers.

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Backed by
clinical expertise


Specializations covered by our global provider network across topics relevant to child and adolescent care

business day

98% of child therapy requests receive a provider match in <1 business day

provider nps

Among Modern Health therapists who deliver child & adolescent care


Child & Adolescent licensed therapists are rigorously assessed for licensure, advanced degrees, and evidence-based practices.

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