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June 3, 2024

Modern Health adds of clinical & scientific advisors

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Modern Health, a leading workplace mental health platform supporting enterprises globally, today introduced its Clinical & Scientific Advisors as it continues to provide a world-class clinical experience for its members around the globe. This group of highly accomplished experts were hand-picked to challenge thinking and provide insights and learnings that Modern Health can integrate into its mental health platform.

"We are incredibly excited for this next chapter in Modern Health's story. The involvement of Clinical & Scientific Advisors is critical for providing excellent clinical support to every community. Our advisors will bring their clinical and scientific expertise to further elevate our offerings and platform," said Alyson Watson, founder and CEO of Modern Health.

The inaugural Clinical & Scientific Advisors include:

  • Dr. Lanny Berman, PhD - Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Berman was formerly the Executive Director of the American Association of Suicidology
  • Dr. Taisha Caldwell-Harvey, PhD - Founder of The Black Girl Doctor, a completely-virtual, boutique therapy practice specializing in the mental health and wellness of Black women
  • Dr. Carolyn S. Dewa, MPH, PhD - Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at University of California, Davis, focused on work disability related to mental disorders
  • Dr. Sahar Elezabi, MD, MPH, CPE, FACP, FAPA - Founder of Webster Psychiatry & Medicine and Simplify Health in Rochester, NY, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Rochester, with expertise in strategic health systems planning, policy development, value-based payments, evaluation metrics and integrated primary care & behavioral health service delivery
  • Dr. Vikram Patel, PhD, MB,BS - The Pershing Square Professor of Global Health at Harvard Medical School, focused on the intersection of social disadvantages and mental health problems, and the use of community and frontline worker resources for prevention and treatment

"Each of the Clinical & Scientific Advisors bring a unique point of view and incredibly valuable perspective to the clinical and research work we are doing at Modern Health," said Dr. Myra Altman, Vice President of Clinical Strategy and Research at Modern Health. "With this wealth of experience and knowledge we will continue to lead the way in the industry providing the most effective, innovative, and sustainable modalities of personalized care for every individual whatever their needs and preferences. We are excited to partner closely with these experts to ensure the highest quality and rigor of our products and services and are confident this level of clinical excellence will benefit every one of our members in meaningful ways."

Dr. Lanny Berman, PhD:

"We lose many people to suicide every year -- considerably more than we do to homicide. These tragic and premature deaths are preventable. I decided to join Modern Health's Clinical Advisors because the company is at the forefront of delivering excellent mental health care to as many people as possible around the globe. We know well that lives can be saved and made more purposeful when offered the very best of care and support through difficult times. I have spent my career translating research into practice for caregivers and systems of care, and I look forward to supporting Modern Health as it continues to deliver the best evidence-based care to those in need."

Dr. Taisha Caldwell-Harvey, PhD:

"We are at a pivotal moment in history where a new era of mental health service delivery has emerged that is categorically different from insurance models, which have been widely inadequate. This gives us a real opportunity to get mental healthcare right in terms of accessibility and inclusivity. I want to be a part of that. My goal as a member of Modern Health's clinical advisory board is to advocate for policies that are equitable and that lead to increased access to high quality care for BIPOC communities."

Dr. Carolyn S. Dewa, MPH, PhD:

"My recent research has focused on the successful continuous employment of people with severe and persistent mental illness. By working with Modern Health, I look forward to learning about how employers can use novel programs to offer accessible and quality care to their workforces. It will also be exciting to understand how we can improve the quality of the workers' lives in a way that is not only beneficial to the worker but also to their employers."

Dr. Sahar Elezabi, MD, MPH, CPE, FACP, FAPA:

"There are simply not enough Psychiatric Providers or Psychotherapists in the world to meet current rising burnout & Mental Health treatment demands. Modern Health addresses this head on by understanding the power of alternative mental health support and resources like coaching, self-guided tools and more. I'm excited to join Modern Health as a Strategic Advisor to help the company on its mission of breaking down barriers in early intervention and increasing quality access to mental healthcare."

Dr. Vikram Patel, PhD, MBBS:

"I have devoted much of my career to understanding mental health in low-resource settings and designing strategies to address unmet needs. Modern Health's focus on removing obstacles to care aligns perfectly with my lifelong focus so I'm delighted to be joining its Clinical Advisory Board. This is a unique opportunity to translate my experiences into practice."

The establishment of Clinical & Scientific Advisors continues Modern Health's strong momentum, which includes publishing four peer-reviewed studies and 10 conference abstracts to demonstrate the clinical, organizational, and cost-effectiveness of its platform. It also announced partnerships earlier this year with both the Women's Tennis Association and Naomi Osaka.

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About Modern Health

Modern Health is the comprehensive mental health and wellness platform that combines the WHO well-being assessment, self-service wellness kits, a global network of certified coaches, and licensed therapists, all available in a single app. Modern Health empowers employers to lead the charge in acknowledging that mental health is just as important as physical health, destigmatizing the conversation, and increasing accessibility of mental health services for all.

Founded in 2017, Modern Health incorporates evidence-based psychology principles and seamless technology to serve the needs of companies globally. Headquartered in San Francisco, Modern Health has raised more than $172 million from Founders Fund, Battery Ventures, Felicis Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Afore Capital, MGV, Frederic Kerrest (co-founder of Okta), and 01 Advisors.