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Build Long-lasting Mental Health Habits with Modern Health’s Daily Pause

Learn more about how Modern Health gives members a way to form daily habits around mindfulness in a few minutes a day

In today’s increasingly fast-paced world, more and more people are looking to boost their mental well-being while leading busy, on-the-go lives with demanding schedules. We’ve found that many want to engage with mental health care regularly and prefer content that is convenient while still being digestible and stimulating. And employers offering mental health support wish to provide a benefit that employees will actually use over a one-note solution that misses the mark. At Modern Health, we are committed to moving the needle in the mental health industry. We believe our members should have easy access to tools that help them consistently work on their mental health on their own schedules. That’s why we’re excited to share more about The Daily Pause, a key feature in the Modern Health app.

What is The Daily Pause? 

The Daily Pause is displayed at the top of Modern Health’s home screen and offers “bite-sized” content about important mental health topics every day. Each Daily Pause offers a brief article on topics like building healthy habits, gratitude, and self-compassion and then prompts a member to put the learnings into practice by listening to a relevant meditation or soundscape, starting a program or course, or signing up for a Circle. The Daily Pause allows you to continually integrate self-care into your daily routine or at your own pace. 

How does The Daily Pause work? 

The Daily Pause promotes healthy mental health habits using three principles: 

  1. Access fresh, original content

The Daily Pause exposes you to Modern Health’s quality, evidence-based content in a bite-sized format that doesn’t require a significant time commitment. The Daily Pause will help you: 

  • Build mindfulness and mental wellness habits on a regular basis
  • Proactively learn about various mental health-related topics
  • Take time to pause, reflect, and try out mental health exercises for a few minutes during the day or week
  • Explore Modern Health resources, including programs, meditations, courses, coaching, Circles, and articles 

  1. Set reminders for accountability

Be more consistent with mindful moments and improve your mental health habits by enabling Daily Pause reminders! You can set email reminders and push notifications that are delivered every Monday. Or choose any time to receive a calendar reminder. 

  1. Track progress over time 

The Daily Pause builds mental health momentum by celebrating your consistent efforts with streak tracking. Each time you complete a Daily Pause, you’re congratulated with your current running streak as well as your total Daily Pause completions of all time. Tracking your progress over time provides positive reinforcement for your efforts and helps you build accountability for focusing on your well-being . You can review all of these stats from the Daily Pause milestones page, as well as any completed Daily Pause you might want to revisit.

Drive Meaningful Change 

Modern Health meets members where they are on their mental health journey. Many employees do not want or need more traditional forms of care like therapy and coaching, but can still benefit from self-serve digital resources showcased in The Daily Pause.

In fact, 88% of members who rated The Daily Pause in the Modern Health app reported that they found Daily Pauses to be helpful.

The Daily Pause lets  employees — in a few minutes per day — learn practical tools to cope with life’s daily stressors and live a more conscious, wholehearted life. Request a demo to learn more about how Modern Health helps employees proactively learn and build healthy mental health habits.

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Matt Scult, PhD

Clinical Content Lead