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We’ve expanded our library of digital mental health tools and now offer 120+ programs within our mobile app.

At Modern Health, we believe mental health touches everything in life—from the physical, social, and emotional aspects to financial and professional well-being. And because it can be hard to prioritize mental health throughout our busy schedules, it’s useful to have well-being resources ready when you need them. 

That’s why digital content like mindfulness meditations, skills classes, and accountability exercises have always been part of the Modern Health care plan. We now offer a library of more than 120 self-guided programs developed by our team of licensed therapists and certified coaches using evidence-based techniques like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy.

Digital programming offers myriad benefits, including: 

  • Flexibility. Our digital content is on-demand—available anytime, anywhere from within the Modern Health app. 
  • Accessibility. Our courses take as little as five minutes to complete and are designed to introduce new concepts and skills you can practice right away.
  • Accountability. Because all Modern Health care is accessed directly from our app, your Modern Health coach or therapist can send and recommend digital content to reinforce topics between sessions. 

Members can choose programs that are most relevant to their immediate needs, including improving sleep, exercises to change your mindset, financial programming, and strategies for coping with COVID-19. Here’s a preview of some of our programs: 

  • One of Many. This mindfulness exercise encourages you to notice your place as one person among all the human beings in the world, helping to build feelings of connection. 
  • Difficult Conversations. This program focuses on navigating tough conversations and tips for setting them up to succeed.   
  • Focus Meditation Series. This set of seven meditations helps you build the mental muscles to bring your attention back to whatever you’d like to focus on. 

To access these programs as a member, simply log in to the Modern Health app. If you’re not a Modern Health member, ask your HR team about bringing mental health benefits to your company. For a preview, visit

Myra Altman, PhD

Dr. Myra Altman is a licensed clinical psychologist and the vice president of clinical care at Modern Health.