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Announcing Modern Health Care Connect

Modern Health Care Connect creates a safety net for members with high-acuity needs, helping them connect to levels of care they may have otherwise been unable to navigate themselves.

Introducing Care Connect: Proactive Care for Members with High-Acuity Needs

Care Connect is a services suite for guiding members to care, with a focus on members with highly acute or otherwise complex mental health needs. The services are clinically designed to support members through a combination of proactive outreach and dedicated care coordination, guiding and connecting individuals seamlessly to higher levels of care. To date, standard solutions don’t go beyond the referral. This new model goes beyond care navigation, with care coordinators offering dedicated support in finding placement at outpatient and inpatient facilities where possible.

Specialized Support and Care Navigation with Trained Experts

Care Connect is designed and developed by Modern Health’s industry-leading team of clinicians and research scientists to support members who need personalized, high-touch support for complex needs such as serious mental illness, substance or alcohol use concerns, and eating disorders. These members are supported by specialized care coordinators, who support them in accessing levels of care they may have otherwise been unable to navigate to themselves due to the complex infrastructure of our mental health care system. In addition to existing Modern Health services such as crisis 24/7 phone support, on-site critical incident support, and extended EAP services, Care Connect also includes deeper and more robust support for high-acuity needs such as: 

  • Proactive Detection & Outreach: Members with high-acuity and complex needs are proactively identified, ensuring they don’t slip through the cracks. These members will be contacted by clinically trained Care Coordinators to engage on a 1:1 basis to provide further support.
  • Specialized Care Coordination: For members in the U.S. with complex needs, we provide high-touch services to support placement in inpatient and outpatient facilities, including navigating complex administrative issues around availability, suitability, and insurance acceptance. Complex needs include substance or alcohol use, eating disorders, serious mental illness, autism spectrum, obsessions and compulsions, intimate partner violence or domestic violence, and medical or health issues. 

“For those people who are struggling with high-acuity needs, this is truly a life-changing offering. Care Connect goes beyond traditional care navigation by removing the burden from the patient and supporting them every step of the way in connecting them to the level of care they need,” comments Sarah Martino, Chief Product Officer at Modern Health. “HR leaders often find themselves under-resourced and ill-equipped to support employees with complex needs. Care Connect is setting a new standard for the support employers can provide their people, creating a workforce that knows their company will support them, even in their most difficult moments.”

How Care Connect Helps Your Organization 

Companies often lack the resources and expertise to support members with complex needs, which puts the pressure on HR leaders to offer support when individuals don’t know where else to turn. Adding to the issue, members with complex needs are uniquely costly to employers when they don’t get the care they need—concerns like substance or alcohol use or serious mental illness are more likely to need high-cost forms of care.

Care Connect steps in as the expert support and care coordination that helps members with complex needs navigate medical systems, understand their options and find localized help. This allows them to begin their journey toward improved mental well being while simultaneously reducing the chances they end up in the ER. As an example, let’s follow the Care Connect journey of a woman named Lucy. When she signs up for Modern Health, she receives proactive outreach from an expert Care Coordinator because she marked “disordered eating” as an area of focus. Lucy signs up for 1:1 therapy with a Modern Health Provider who specializes in treating eating disorders for longer term care. Lucy continues meeting regularly with her therapist and receives periodic check-ins from her care coordinator. 

When Lucy’s therapist recommends she seek more intensive treatment, her Care Coordinator is able to help her find both inpatient and outpatient treatment within her insurance coverage. This enables Lucy to enroll in a program with the higher level of support she needs to seek a positive health outcome. If you are interested in including Care Connect with your Modern Health benefits, schedule a call with our experts to learn more.