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Introducing Courses by Modern Health

Introducing courses by Modern Health

Accessing traditional mental health services can be difficult. Some may be hesitant to get started due to stigma, lack of time, or a belief that a therapist won’t be able to help

These obstacles have contributed to a shift in how people seek mental health care. Digital on-demand courses developed by therapists can now provide accessible and accommodating options for your workforce using research-backed techniques to help improve their well-being. A 2019 Customer Satisfaction survey showed 62% of respondents stating that not having enough time was a hindrance to improving their mental health. We have found that nearly 25% of Modern Health users say they prefer to work on their mental health on their own through online resources, as opposed to one-to-one sessions or in a group environment while another 24% may be seeking a mix of options. 

This shift in preference for mental health care can be a key determinant for those in charge of choosing employee benefits packages and services, especially when considering how to combat stress and burnout. 

Courses Provide Online Mental Health Resources

In an effort to meet your employees where they are at, Modern Health has launched Courses, a blend of self-paced, therapist-instructed exercises with suggested group Circles and continued opportunity for one-to-one care. 

Courses empower employees with a self-paced care experience that aims to drive higher engagement and meaningful outcomes. The structured nature of Courses enables employees to learn new wellbeing concepts either to supplement or replace one-to-one care for those looking for more flexible options.

The Courses signature combination approach offers multiple modalities for care, so that employees have more opportunities to find the care they need when they need it.

Courses help improve Mental Health in the Workplace

Each course is created with the employee in mind, combining a blend of interactive video-first content and daily wellness practices to create a new routine for their mental well-being. 

Interactive content keeps employees engaged with online mental health

Courses are made to help employees see that lasting mental health changes take time, with each course consisting of up to 8 modules of structured content and live experiences. Continued work with Courses improves employee engagement with their mental health journey, helping them to build wellness skills for the long term. 

By providing regular journal prompts and note-taking opportunities, each Course allows employees the time needed to process what they learned from the expert-led videos. Continued structured journaling helps to cement new practices that improve employee mental well-being while providing a much-needed space to return for a refresher. 

Certified coaches provide additional support and guidance as needed

The video and podcast content in Courses is developed and led by expert therapists in the Modern Health network and based on research-backed approaches. Employees will be greeted at the start of their selected Course by the Modern Health therapist responsible for that topic and will follow them through at a self-directed pace. 

For example, if an employee chooses to take the Managing Stress course, then they may follow Cory Stewart, a Modern Health therapist, through the duration of the course, listening to his explanations and prompts at each module. Then, they can meet with their provider for additional support as they move through each learning goal such as mastering skills to manage stress, increasing resilience, and empowering themselves to face life’s challenges. 

Those seeking more support after completing a Course can continue sharpening their new skills in relevant Circles, which are groups that meet virtually with a mental health professional to help provide additional information and social support in navigating a wide variety of mental health issues.

Employees make lasting changes with a new wellness routine

Over time, Modern Health will expand Course offerings for employees to return to when they feel ready to take on a new mental health skill to address their needs. These new modules will layer on top of existing content, providing a holistic experience for each individual’s mental well-being. 

Overall, Courses is yet another way that Modern Health ensures your team always has the best mental health care tailored to their preferences, whether that’s self-paced expertly guided content or one-to-one support with a provider. You can find the first Managing Stress course within the Modern Health app or schedule a call with our experts to learn how Courses can help improve mental health in your workplace. 

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