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Announcing Modern Health Pathways

Modern Health Pathways is a premium 1:1 care offering designed to accelerate outcomes across specialized areas of need. Our first collection of Pathways focuses on Workplace Well-being and is structured to drive targeted, goal-oriented growth for managers and employees in a matter of weeks.

Introducing Modern Health Pathways™: A New Era of Specialized Support  

Introducing the newest, innovative addition to our mental health and wellbeing offerings: Modern Health Pathways™. Pathways is a premium care offering that offers employees high-touch, structured 1:1 care programs on specialized topics, designed to accelerate targeted outcomes. Our first collection of Pathways focuses on Workplace Well-being, and is tailored to help managers and employees overcome work burnout and improve performance, and we will be scaling Pathways introducing additional areas of need that require specialized support. 

Structured 1:1 Care, Designed to Accelerate Targeted Outcomes

Each Pathway has been developed by Modern Health’s industry-leading team of clinicians and research scientists, and is structured to drive highly-targeted, goal-oriented growth — like tackling imposter syndrome or managing mindfully — in a matter of weeks. Every Pathway features:

  • An evidence-based structure: Every Pathway includes specialized modules inspired by proven therapeutic techniques, like Solution-focused Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and more. 
  • A dedicated Pathways Specialist: Every enrolled member will be matched to a dedicated Pathway Specialist, a Modern Health provider with advanced certification, training, or expertise in that specific topic. Pathway Specialists will guide members through the Pathway program, providing regular 1:1 sessions and support in conjunction with self-guided exercises . 
  • Targeted impact measurement: Each Pathway contains its own topic-specific assessment taken both before and after Pathway to measure targeted growth. These assessments were developed by clinicians and research scientists with expertise in measurement and psychometrics, combining clinically-validated assessments and custom questions rooted in evidence-based approaches.
  • Powerful organizational insights: Employers will have access to aggregated rich insights into the areas their workforce is struggling with, whether that’s burnout, work-value alignment, or other specialized topics. This can fuel organizational strategy, and HR leaders will be able to measure improvements on an ongoing basis.

“This level of specialized support rooted in clinical science in the workplace is unmatched,” comments Dr. Neha Chaudhary, Chief Medical Officer at Modern Health. “We are seeing an increase in self-guided support in the market, but we know from a clinical perspective that the strongest outcomes are a result of the combination of digital support and a high-touch live engagement strategy with experts who have advanced knowledge in the specific area of need. Modern Health Pathways is going to provide the highly tailored and specialized support that we are hearing HR leaders calling out for.”  

How Employers are Leveraging Workplace Well-being Pathways

Modern Health's first collection of Pathways, available today, is focused on Workplace Well-Being and includes several Pathways specifically tailored to managers and employees and designed to overcome work burnout and accelerate performance. Workplace Well-being Pathways include targeted areas of focus like resolving conflicts, tackling imposter syndrome, managing mindfully, overcoming burnout, and balancing workload, to name a few.

One of the biggest pain points that Pathways for workplace well-being help address is the growing pressure on managers to support their team’s professional development and their well-being, all while managers (50%) reportedly feel burned out. In a recent poll, 70% of people shared that their manager has more impact on their mental health than their therapist or their doctor, only adding to the pressure. 

“Today’s managers are facing escalating demands to juggle not only their employees’ professional development but also to lead with empathy and prioritize their team’s well-being. Establishing where the boundary lies for a manager in supporting their team’s well-being has been a gray area for some time, and it’s an area where they have too often felt under-supported and under-resourced,” comments Maureen Calabrese, Chief People Officer at Modern Health.

From manager training and enablement to professional development enhancement, here are ways Workplace Well-being Pathways are already being leveraged by Modern Health customers:

  • Manager Enablement: Leverage Pathways for managers to augment new and existing manager development programming, to help them develop a deeper understanding of the role (and boundaries) of a manager in supporting their team's well-being.
  • Employee Performance: Equip managers with tools to drive targeted employee growth. Manager are able to refer their employees to specific Pathways, like imposter syndrome, in order to target key areas of development.
  • Career or Company Transitions: Support employees during major career transitions and organizational shifts. HR teams and leaders can refer their employees to Pathways in response to pivotal career transitions (e.g., promotion, role change), or in response to broader organizational shifts (e.g., reduction in force, reorganizations).
  • Engage Leadership: HR, Benefits, and Leadership & Development teams are able to use Pathways as an opportunity to get leaders more engaged. They can also leverage topic-specific insights from Pathways to demonstrate deeper employee outcomes.

Modern Health Pathways™ Are Available Now

Modern Health Pathways for Workplace Well-being are now available as an addition to your existing Modern Health benefit. We will be scaling Pathways to introduce  additional areas of need that require specialized support. Each Pathway will provide market-leading specialized support for HR leaders, managers, and employees - all rooted in clinical evidence, supported by dedicated Pathway Specialists, and embedded with powerful organizational insights. 

If you are interested in including Pathways in your existing Modern Health benefits, schedule a call with our experts to learn more.