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Modern Health Joins the WTA

Modern Health joins the WTA as its official mental health partner

Furthering our mission of destigmatizing mental health and bringing top-quality, clinically rigorous care to everyone in need, we’re thrilled to announce that Modern Health is the official mental health partner of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA).

The WTA has provided specialized mental health and wellness resources to elite athletes for the past two decades and Modern Health will complement the WTA’s dedicated player mental health staff and serve as an expansive resource available across the WTA organization.  

Aligned in their mission to promote healthier practices and conversations around mental health, together the WTA and Modern Health will produce a five-part digital content series featuring WTA players sharing their stories to underscore the importance of mental health. Throughout the year, Modern Health will also engage with fans and athletes in mental health campaigns that reach tennis enthusiasts and beyond.

The WTA is especially excited to partner with a female-founded company with athletics in its DNA. Says Modern Health founder and CEO Alyson Watson: “As a female athlete who struggled with anxiety myself, I couldn’t be more honored to partner with the WTA to support athletes as they push their bodies and minds to compete at the highest level. I look forward to collaborating with the WTA to encourage people across the globe to continue this important cultural conversation about mental well-being.”

According to WTA President Micky Lawler, “Working with Modern Health represents an important opportunity for the WTA to further build on the work we started decades ago in this very important space. High performance in all walks of life often comes with elements of stress and various other factors that affect our overall health. It is wonderful to work side by side with Modern Health so that we can help eliminate any stigma around mental health and we want to make sure that as many people as possible take control of what is fundamental to life itself.”

The partnership comes at the perfect time, as athletes are increasingly speaking up about their need to prioritize their mental health. Modern Health is the right partner for the WTA as the first global mental health solution to offer one-on-one, group, and self-serve digital resources for mental health needs across the whole spectrum of life, all within a single platform. 

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