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Provider Exclusivity Agreements

Why we don't believe in exclusivity agreements

Hello all,

First, I want to take a moment to thank you all for providing such high quality care to Modern Health members, especially in light of the global health pandemic. Given the level of stress and anxiety that people are experiencing, the importance of quality mental health care has never been more evident.

Modern Health’s goal is to increase access to high quality mental health care to the global population. As the need for quality care increases, we have noticed a trend occurring where providers are being asked to sign exclusivity agreements (asked to only work with a single company or network in exchange for a certain rate) from other companies and we want to take a moment to share our perspective. We feel that exclusivity agreements inherently reduce access to care by limiting the providers that an individual can see. We are especially concerned about the risks posed to continuity of care when therapists are asked to choose between companies or networks, and may not be able to continue seeing some of their clients as a result of being exclusive. We never want providers to be in a position where there is a conflict between providing care and financial incentives, so we do not ask providers to sign exclusivity agreements. 

We are grateful to partner with you and respect your need to make decisions based on your particular situation. We know this is a rapidly evolving space and are committed to providing not only the best care possible, but also maintaining a very high bar of ethics within the mental health technology world. We are committed to providing access to high quality care and doing our best to support our members and providers. 

As always, we would love your feedback on this and on any other way we can better support providers and clients. We continue to be so grateful for your partnership and look forward to supporting many more clients together.

I hope you are all doing well during this time, and please reach out if you need anything. 

With my thanks,


Myra Altman, PhD

Dr. Myra Altman is a licensed clinical psychologist and the vice president of clinical care at Modern Health.