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New Meditations (and a Playlist!) from Naomi Osaka

Listen to the latest meditation in Naomi’s calming series plus an energetic, pre-match playlist.

To drum up enthusiasm for our second annual industry-leading mental health conference, Elevate, our keynote speaker and Chief Community Health Advocate Naomi Osaka has released a series of new evidence-based meditations and a pre-match playlist centered around preparing for a big event. “Meditation didn't come easy for me at first, but now I find it really helpful as it has helped me focus on my breath and calm my nerves,” said Osaka. “I am really proud of the meditations I am developing with Modern Health. They feel approachable for anyone whether they are just starting out with meditation or if they practice regularly.” 

The two latest meditations are focused on recognizing and overcoming challenges to achieving success, centered on “resetting your mind” and “visualizing the challenge.” They follow Osaka’s introduction to meditation that was released earlier this year, and all three meditations are available now to both Modern Health members and non-members alike. The four-time Grand Slam tennis winner also released a pre-match playlist, available to everyone on Spotify. It includes personally selected songs from her go-to genres including hip-hop and R&B, plus her favorite Asian artists like SHAUN. 

Naomi is also our keynote speaker for the first day of Elevate 2022, addressing the theme of “inspiring cultural change” with Modern Health founder and CEO, Alyson Watson. Their discussion proves to be both thought-provoking and uplifting and will be available to watch on-demand through November 6, 2022. 

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