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Our Stepped Care Approach

One front door to mental well-being: Our stepped care approach

At Modern Health, we believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach to mental well-being. We each have unique experiences, challenges, and preferences that shape our goals for our own mental health. And just like our physical health, these needs change over time as we move through life. That’s why we base our approach on a stepped-care model, which brings people into care through a singular platform, then matches them to the type of support that’s right for them.

In today’s mental health landscape, accessing the right level of care is a challenge. There’s a shortage of mental health professionals (e.g., psychologists, LCSWs), and finding ones who are covered by insurance, accepting new patients, and specialize in a preferred area of focus feels nearly impossible. The end result is mismatched care—where someone with situational stress may end up seeing a clinical psychologist who does not specialize in their area of need, and someone facing clinical distress may not even be able to find a provider. In recognizing the wide range of needs and preferences, we created the only comprehensive mental health platform that offers a spectrum of solutions—all through one point of entry.

Our stepped-care approach and extensive network of providers uniquely positions us to address this issue by matching people to the type of care that’s right for their specific needs. Our users start off by completing the clinically-validated World Health Organization-Five Well-Being Index (WHO-5) survey, allowing us to understand how they’ve been feeling both in and outside of the workplace. Based on their well-being index, we’re able to recommend care plans that integrate proactive and preventive solutions, through a combination of digital programs, certified coaching, and evidence-based therapy.

Digital Programs: For people who generally feel healthy, but would like to build skills to navigate daily ups and downs, we offer evidence-based digital programs and meditations that they can access right from their phones.

Certified Coaching: For those who are looking to manage situational stress related to work or their personal lives, we recommend care that combines digital programs with certified coaches who are subject matter experts, so they get quality actionable advice.

Evidence-based Therapy: For users who require clinical support, we ensure that they are matched with a licensed therapist, virtual or in-person, to fully support their needs.

Most importantly, we recognize that each person’s mental health needs evolve over time as they encounter new experiences and challenges. That is why our recommended care plans are dynamic as well. Our users are prompted to routinely check in on their well-being, and as their score changes, our care plan recommendation adjusts accordingly to account for their needs. This comprehensive set of offerings is what enables our platform to uniquely meet people wherever they are in their mental health journey.

Alyson Watson

Alyson Watson is the CEO and founder of Modern Health.