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Modern Health Expands Family Care

Modern Health is launching a new Pathways Collection developed to deepen its support for parents and families, providing specialized one-on-one programs guided by Pathway Specialists and designed to reduce parenting stress and increase feelings of confidence at important milestones along the parenting journey.

Introducing Modern Health Pathways™: Family Care Collection

Introducing the newest, addition to our mental health and wellbeing offerings: the Family Care Collection of Modern Health Pathways™. Pathways is a premium care offering that provides employees high-touch, structured 1:1 care programs on specialized topics to accelerate targeted outcomes. Our newest collection of Pathways™ focuses on family care and is targeted to help with topics like returning to work after parental leave, managing burnout, and navigating single or blended parenting. Family Care Pathways are an extension of Modern Health’s Family Care suite of services, which also includes one-on-one therapy available to children of all ages, coaching, group Circles, self-guided digital resources, and navigation support. 

Meeting a Crisis: Why We’re Launching Family Care Now

We are facing an escalating youth mental health crisis, with as many as 1 in 5 children experiencing a mental disorder, including anxiety and depression, in a given year.  The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a spike in mental health issues, leading to a mental health crisis, as declared by the United States Surgeon General over a year ago. According to a recent Pew Research Center report, kids’ mental health is the number one concern for parents.  Concerningly, there is an extreme shortage of support, and out of more than 100,000 U.S. clinical psychologists, only 4,000 are child and adolescent clinicians. As a result, we are seeing emergency departments overwhelmed with visits among children, adolescents, and young adults for mental health reasons, approximately doubling in the last decade. 

“With a drastic shortage in specialized support available and an inadequate mental health infrastructure for families, many kids and teens are left waiting in hospital emergency departments or, even worse, at home with nowhere to turn,” comments Dr. Neha Chaudhary, double board-certified child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist on faculty at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital and Chief Medical Officer at Modern Health. “Treating a child is significantly more complex than treating an adult, and it can be extraordinarily difficult for families to find clinically trained specialists who can take the time needed to build a relationship and provide personalized and evidence-based support that will result in positive outcomes.” 

Family Care with Expert Clinicians and Evidence-Backed Support

Modern Health’s Family Care has been developed by an industry-leading team of clinicians and research scientists who hold expertise in child, adolescent, and family care and includes:

  • Support at Crucial Moments: Each Pathway deep-dives into a key life milestone for families, such as becoming a new parent, returning to work, managing parental stress and burnout, navigating single and blended parenting, and more. Family Care Pathways have been tailored specifically for parents to support their growth and well-being in a structured and targeted format that fits their schedules.

  • Specialized Clinical Support For Children Of All Ages: Modern Health offers comprehensive support for parents, caregivers, teens, and children ages 0+ in the U.S.

  • Full Spectrum Care For All Family Needs: Modern Health’s Content Studio is a robust library of evidence-based self-guided meditations, Courses, and podcasts designed for families on topics like helping kids cope with big emotions and building resilience together.

  • Expanded Group Parenting Support: Modern Health continues to expand its parenting series of Circles, Modern Health’s award-nominated group care offering led by specialist providers, for parents and caregivers on topics including parenting burnout, taking care of your family and yourself, preventing and managing tantrums, and more. 

Modern Health Family Care Pathways™ is Available Now

Modern Health Pathways for Family Care and Workplace Well-being are now available as an addition to your existing Modern Health benefit. Each Family Care Pathways will provide market-leading specialized support for returning to work after parental leave, managing burnout, and navigating single or blended parenting. Our Workplace Well-being Pathways provide support to HR leaders, managers, and employees– all rooted in clinical evidence, supported by dedicated Pathway Specialists, and embedded with powerful organizational insights. 

If you are interested in including Pathways in your existing Modern Health benefits, schedule a call with our experts to learn more.