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Physical Well-Being Pathways Launches with a Focus on Whole Human Health

Modern Health’s newest Pathways Collection is here. We’re building a future as the only platform to support mental and physical health across all modalities of care.

Launching our Physical Well-Being Pathways Collection adds to Modern Health’s robust care offerings and demonstrates our integrated approach to whole human health. We are building a future that refuses to compartmentalize mental and physical health. Instead, we’re creating a path toward lasting wellness. From Family Care to Workplace Well-Being and now Physical Well-Being, our offerings focus on improving our members’ health holistically through an evidence-based structure. 

The Link Between Physical and Mental Well-Being

There is indisputable evidence of the correlation between mental health and physical activity. Modern Health’s Clinical Research and Strategy team presented research at the annual meeting of the Southwest Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine to showcase our impact. 

After only three months of using the Modern Health platform, members who didn’t previously meet recommended activity levels improved their mental health outcomes. They also demonstrated a remarkable increase in physical activity levels, averaging an additional 60 minutes per week. The research uncovered compelling evidence of a bidirectional relationship between physical activity and well-being, anxiety, and depression. 

Additional studies reveal that nearly one in three people who have a long-term physical health condition also have a mental health concern—most often depression or anxiety. Additionally, employees with unresolved depression experience a 35% reduction in productivity. This contributes to a $210.5 billion loss annually in medical costs, absenteeism, reduced productivity, and requests for extended leaves of absence. This notable correlation underscores mental well-being's profound impact on physical health.

Modern Health aims to alleviate these organizational and workforce challenges with Pathways. Pathways is the first of its kind in the digital mental health industry. It is the only modality of care that guides members through specialized topics with an evidence-based structure, ongoing 1:1 support from a dedicated Pathway Specialist, self-guided experiences, and topic-specific assessments to measure impact. 

Accelerate Outcomes with Specialized 1:1 Programs

The meticulously designed Physical Well-Being Pathways focuses on a holistic approach to human health. It drives targeted improvement and growth your employees can see–and feel–within weeks. The programs include:

  • An evidence-based structure: Every Pathway includes specialized modules inspired by proven therapeutic techniques. This encompasses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and more. 
  • A dedicated Pathways Specialist: Every enrolled member is matched to a dedicated Pathway Specialist. This Modern Health provider has advanced certification, training, or expertise in that specific topic. Pathway Specialists guide members through the Pathway program, providing regular 1:1 sessions and support in conjunction with self-guided exercises. 
  • Targeted impact measurement: Every Pathway features specialized assessments unique to each topic to measure outcomes and demonstrate real impact. 
  • Powerful organizational insights: Employers get rich insights into the areas their workforce is struggling with. Whether that’s building healthy habits, being more in control of stress, setting boundaries, or other specialized topics, this fuels organizational strategy and enables HR leaders to measure improvements on an ongoing basis.

Physical Well-Being Pathways for Holistic Health

Mental health is human health. At Modern Health, we firmly believe that you cannot pursue one over the other or compartmentalize the many facets of our existence. It’s this holistic approach to health that drives the best outcomes. If you’re considering adding Pathways to your existing Modern Health benefits, schedule a call with our experts to learn more.